About Us

Ningbo Second Hormone Factory was established by 1988. We have been committed to animal breeding industry for 30 years, and we combine raw material, research and development, manufacture, examination, sales, and customer support together to be a large scale enterprise. Our company was awarded as “Zhejiang High-tech industry” and Cixi Top 20 enterprises”.

Our company has a comprehensive list of reproductive products, and our products are cost-effective. We also has our main products’ API registered. We has the largest sterile animal room in province to detect our products effect in mice and rats. Therefore, the effectiveness and stability of the products is guaranteed. Our reproductive hormone takes over 50% market share of the whole country’s ranch and farmers market. We are the main supplier of Mengniu, Yili, Modern Farming, Beijing capital agricultural, COFCO, Zhongding Dairy Farming, Wens, Chuying Agro-pastoral, Chia Tai group, Bright Dairy and other large enterprises.

Our company has elite technology and R&D force. Professional doctor leading 30 medical school elites as our R&D team, successfully developed more than 100 products, and some of products were put into production line. Our Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)’s raw material potency (10000iu/mg) is a lot higher than European and American Pharmacopoeia standards (4500iu/mg), and we enjoy international reputation. We are committed to the development of new products: D sodium chloride and Butylamine three alcohol prostaglandin F2 alpha are our new registered veterinary drugs, and are on the market. (We are the only factory that has registered D chloride so far.) Our company registered Menotropins for Injection(other name: Chaopai su).

Our company’s products are widely used in fish, swine, diary cattle, sheep, pets, etc. For fish, we have Compound Salmon GnRHa for injection for mud fish. For swine, we currently registered tongfasu(former name PC600), and has the same pesticide effect as Intervets’ PG600. Our new registering product Altrenogest oral liquid has passed the ministry of agriculture review, and will be finish registering soon. Testing our Altrenogest in large ranch, when promoting swines’ batch management, it achieves remarkable effect; at the same time, using PMSG and GnRH together for swines’ fixed time insemination, improving swines’ breeding ability. For diary cattle, use GnRH and D chloride together for diary’s fixed time insemination, has a good effect of corpus luteum, and improving diary cattle pregnancy rate.

Over the past 30 years, we continue to pursue advanced technology in order to offer better products and services to our customers. Our mission is we aim to be a leading multinational company that has the best quality in our field. Our vision is we will pursue the world’s most advanced technology and professional elites to create highest quality and best services, also gain reputation and market share with good credibility and integrity as well as stable quality.