About Us

Ningbo Second Hormone Factory was founded in 1988 and has been deeply engaged in the animal breeding industry for more than 30 years. Its products are widely used in the fields of pigs, cattle, sheep, fish, pets, and so on. It is a leading brand enterprise in the industry. It has successively won the titles of "National High and New Technology Enterprise", "Zhejiang Province's' Invisible Champion 'Cultivation Enterprise", Ningbo City's Specialized Special New "Little Giant" Enterprise, and "Cixi City's Top 100 Enterprises".

Ningbo Second Hormone Factory has an elite product research and development team and an applied technology research and development team. It has successfully developed a number of different categories of veterinary reproductive hormones, and has been produced and marketed (among them, the products of Difa and Tongfa are the first in China). The raw materials of major hormone products have obtained production approval numbers, and a total of 15 national new veterinary drug registrations have been obtained, including 11 national Class II new veterinary drugs, 1 national Class III new veterinary drug, 2 national Class IV new veterinary drugs, and 1 national Class V new veterinary drug; Presided over and participated in the formulation of 14 national standards, and obtained 4 national invention patents and 19 utility model patents. In 2023, the company's national Class II new veterinary drugs, Busherilin and Carbetocin, were fully listed.

The production process of the product strictly controls the quality of raw materials and excipients, and references the human drug preparation process to improve the overall quality of veterinary hormone preparations. There is a large-scale sterile animal room in the province, which can use sterile mice and rats to carry out product activity quality testing to ensure stable product quality. The animal reproductive hormone products produced by the company have been applied to various major breeding (group) enterprises across the country. Companies are relying on application technology research and development teams of different animal species, and are committed to developing an efficient application technology system for animal reproductive hormone products, with a view to providing users with better product application technology support and further expanding the product application field.

Over the past 30 years, we have continuously pursued advanced products and efficient breeding technologies in the world, contributing to the scale and modernization of China's livestock industry with better products and services, and contributing to improving efficiency and reducing costs in China's livestock industry.